After his EP Simi Gold and his following singles COMODO continues to show a diverse style of music, not wanting to fit in one genre. 


The entire COMODO project created in collaboration with producer Daniel Hilpert will be presented over the year with various delayed Singles releasing unforgettable songs.


The musical genre reflects the zeitgeist - diverse and undefinable. Inspiration is given by artists from different Genres such as Imagine Dragons, Sia, Michael Franti & Spearhead and many others.


Raphael Comodos roots are grounded in the singer-songwriter genre and over the years he developed a desire for more brilliancy, more harmonies and a richer sound. This wish was fulfilled during 2019 by founding his musical project COMODO. 

All songs for this project were both composed and written by Raphael Comodo during 2019 and 2020.

Ultimately those songs were creatively refined and put on tape to a beautiful sound symbiosis with the help of producer and singer-songwriter Daniel Hilpert. 


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